Wednesday 27 May 2015

Late May

Kelmscott Manor was the country home of William Morris, a leading figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Read more here.  These photographs (taken with permission and copyright © Stephen Bigger 2015) were taken on 27th May 2015. Click on photographs to enlarge.

Picture of the week: poppies ornamenting the giant pannicles of the wisteria. My guess is that this is the Japanese wisteria Kuchibeni. The more common Chinese wisteria, wisteria sinensis, grows near the drive (see below). 

Near the shop, weigela 'Bristol Ruby' flowers for 6 months, though many weigelas give up after a month.

Wisteria sinensis, the Chinese wisteria.


Bearded iris, one of many at their best this week

One of the long beds, full currently with the purple/black aquilega vulgaris

A gracious aquilegia against a frolicking sky

Layers of white, thalictrum in fron, rose in the middle and vibernum behind.

Two studies of the mulberry tree

The rose rosa rugosa

Variegated weigela near the rustic walkway. The flowers vary from pink to white as they age.

The ornamental poppy

Three studies in Japanese wisteria.

Grannies bonnet or aquilegia


Hemerocalis or day lilies

Poppies about to pop

In front of the solanum (potato vine) these thalictrums are about to thalict.

Studies in white

Mock orange, philadelpus.

The 'old fashioned' Dunwich Rose, by the front wall.

Intimate picture of this yellow bearded iris

The geranium is called cranesbill and these, loved by bees, show their cranebills well.

Vivid lime green of the euphorbia

Giant alliums

Three pictures of the medlar in flower.

A blue corner, near the porch

The porch, honeysuckle over, London Pride beneath

Aquilegia with blue bearded iris behind.

The rose avenue.

Epimedium has a tiny but beautiful flower, by the wall near the rose avenue.

Climbing rose in outbuilding wall

Sunflower sentinels, with heuchera coral bells beneath.

Two quince flowers

Chestnut in flower, detail and tree

Interesting to see the structure of the mulberry tree before the leaves hide it

Choisa, Mexican orange blossom, with Virginia Creeper at the back door. A goldfinch was playing in it at the time.

The rustic walkway

The side wall border.

Apple blossom in front of the mulberry and house.

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